Program Requirements

Warrior Salute Veteran Services offers intense, supportive transitional housing for Veterans.  Our transitional housing program is not income dependent, and is aimed at providing a strong supportive community to help Veterans reach their personal therapeutic, vocational, social, educational, and community goals.  The transitional housing is open to all veterans who demonstrate the desire and motivation to benefit from, and make maximum use of, all services offered to become self-sufficient and gainfully employed. However, there are certain restrictions and considerations of the program:


  • Warrior Salute is a transitional, drug-free program. The maximum stay is 24 months.  Length of time will be discussed at the initial assessment.
  • Rent will be charged based on income, and will be discussed at the initial assessment.
  • Resident must be a Veteran.
  • Cannot be a registered Sexual Offender.
  • Every applicant will be required to maintain a full time schedule.  This will be determined on an individual basis, but could be educational, vocational, clinical or a combination.  You will meet with your Case Manager to develop an individualized, appropriate plan to meet your needs.
  • Must participate in a weekly House Meeting
  • Must participate in 2 weekly groups.
  • Must meet with their Case Manager once a week.
  • Must comply with their current individualized treatment plan.
  • Must pass monthly room inspections.
  • Must complete chores and pay rent on time.
  • Must comply with the NUCOR Guest Policy.
  • Must follow all NUCOR rules and policies as outlined in the Warrior Salute Handbook and Orientation packet
  • Must adhere to drug and/or alcohol screens on a random basis.
  • There is a zero tolerance drug use and/or possession policy. You will be asked to leave if there is a concern.

For more information, please call 585.364.3171 or email .