Todd Post, an Army veteran in Warrior Salute Veteran Services, is set to graduate from the program Tuesday, May 17 at 12:30 p.m. at the Wolf Life Transitions Center, 860 Hard Rd., Webster.

After serving ten months in Afghanistan, Todd returned home feeling numb. He said he wasn’t excited to see his family or his girlfriend, and not long after he succumbed to alcoholism and drug use, which led to his family cutting ties with him and ending up homeless. However, Todd eventually realized he needed help. He attended detox twice at the VA, but ultimately was able to achieve success through Warrior Salute Veteran Services.

During his time in Warrior Salute Veteran Services, he participated in several therapies, including one-on-one clinical therapies, art therapy and—what he enjoyed most—going to yoga classes so he could realign himself spiritually and physically.

“Todd is the type of person who never settles and constantly looks to raise the bar personally and spiritually,” Warrior Salute Veteran Services Clinical Coordinator John Elliott said. “He has worked tirelessly toward his goals and has never given up on himself, even in moments of difficulty. It has been humbling to watch Todd grow as an individual and strive to better himself and the others around him. We are proud of his hard work and look forward to his positive impact on our community in his future endeavors.”

During his time in Warrior Salute Veteran Services, Todd worked with the homeless population in Rochester where he realized his passion. Now, he is getting an apartment in Florida and starting a non-profit to help homeless veterans.

Since Warrior Salute Veteran Services launched in 2010, they have provided clinical therapies, case management and vocational counseling to more than 100 veterans diagnosed with PTSD, traumatic brain injury and military sexual trauma.