Conesus Lake, N.Y. The photos just dont do the Ring of Fire around Conesus Lake justice.

"Spectacular, spectacular," said Barb Dougherty. "The sky is lit up."

"And then the fireworks are red, white, and blue and its just awesome. Every year it's bigger and better," said Dawn Brennan.

"Last year, I took the liberty to go to Boston to see the show and I have to say, it's a twenty minute show, just like outs and ours rivals it," said Chuck Smith, one of the organizers of the show.

And what's equally impressive about the fireworks show is that its a privately funded show driven mostly by summer resident and Buffalo native Dave Pietrowski.

"I kin the third of July here to Saratoga, you know, when its race week and this lake grows from a small little town to this huge population. Its a lot of fun," says Pietrowski.

"It's great to bring people to the area and they appreciate it, they really do," said Smith. About 20 years ago, Dave and Chuck took the reins of the July 3rd show. Each year they collect more than $20,000 from lake residents for the show.

"This is now, at this point in its evolution, this is bigger than a lot of the city shows. This one is a little unique, and its private, and its just for the Ring of Fire so this one is very special," said Robert Kesel with Young Explosives.

The show even benefits local soliders. The organizers of the fireworks donate money every year to the Warrior Salute Program based in Webster which helps returning injured soldiers.

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