CONESUS — Following the tradition of the past 18 years, Charles Smith of Smith Lumber is collecting private donations for the annual July 3rd fireworks show on the Northern Shores of Conesus Lake.

In addition to offsetting the cost of pyrotechnics, ten percent of these donations will go to Warrior Salute, a charity for American veterans from Webster. According to Charles Smith, the July 3rd firework show is actually a much longer standing tradition than many people think.

“There used to be three big floats out on the lake where they had fireworks shows every year,” said Smith, “but they stopped putting on shows. So, we decided to pool community money together and do one big show.”

Warrior Salute offers mental and physical assistance to veterans who returning home from deployment.

In addition to a portion of community donations, Warrior Salute will receive all proceeds from the annual souvenir button sale. Alexa Pietrowski, pictured above, will be selling souvenir buttons for a dollar each, with all proceeds going directly to Warrior Salute. Pietrowski’s father, Dave, coordinates the charity fundraiser.

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