Jeremy Bagley is a doer, always has been. 

"I was field artillery. I served In Afghanistan, Iraq, Operation New Dawn," he said.

Jeremy spent eight years in the Army, two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Now as Coordinator of Veterans Services at Nazareth College he's known for reaching out to vets to make sure they use the benefits they've earned.

"It's a genuine concern, it's eye to eye contact, it's a thank you for your service as a veteran. And what is it we can do for you here at the college to help you be more successful," Nazareth assistant VP Andy Morris said. 

Bagley is one of the founders of "One Team, One Fight."  It is a collaboration of other "doers" in the community from business, education and government who want to help veterans. 

"We do it well, we do it together, we leave our egos at the door when we're talking about serving our vets. And I think it's the most important work any of us could do," Bagley said.

"As somebody who is very humble, that's Jeremy, you know he's not looking of the credit" Monroe County Veterans' Service Agency director Laura Stradley said. "But he's just always looking for ways to make sure people are working together to make that effort happen. And um, he's totally committed to it."

"We've got an opportunity here as schools, as business leaders, as non-profit leaders, as anybody in the community, as anybody who is in a position to make decisions, to be a national best practice when it comes to serving veterans," Bagley said.

Bagley has never forgotten service to others is the highest calling and he wants others to answer the call. 

"This isn't one person's work, this is an entire community's work," he said.

Warrior Salute, salutes Jeremy Bagley.
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