Nucor Steel's motto is "rebuilding America one shift at a time." 

The North Carolina based company has taken that a step further by committing to rebuild our country one veteran at a time through Warrior Salute. 

"So we can't say enough about Nucor Steel and its Chairman and CEO Dan Damico, what they mean to Warrior Salute. Without them we wouldn't have the program," stated Sankar Sewneuth, President and CEO of CDS Monarch. 

When CDS Monarch first hatched the idea for Warrior Salute, Nucor Steel made the first big gift to help veterans become productive citizens in the community. 

Sewneuth also stated "and anything that gets in the way of that Nucor has said we will dedicate the resources to helping veterans."

That is how Warrior Salute's Nucor House in Penfield became a reality.

The 14-bed home is where veterans with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and brain trauma live together and support each other in their daily lives. 

"You know we opened the home to show Nucor Steel how much we appreciated them and we named the House after [it]," said Sewneuth. "That's what that means to us. So CDS Monarch family is linked forever with Nucor Steel because of what they've done for our veterans here."

Justin Godfrey, an Army veteran and Warrior Salute graduate, stated "for me, it's a place to get reintegrated into society, get my life back and start over with a fresh start." 

The Rochester community salutes Nucor Steel for being the mainstay of Warrior Salute. 


Watch the video from WROC News 8.