CONESUS — The Conesus Lake July 3rd ring of fire and fireworks show lit up the lake and sky.

Dave Pietrowski hosted one of many parties on July 3, but his party was unique among the rest as his party hosted the fireworks display for the entire lake.

“I was concerned that no one else would do it,” Pietrowski said.

Since 2001, Pietrowski has been hosting this party and donations are asked from the residents of the north side of Conesus Lake, where the fireworks display is held, to help cover the cost of the fireworks.

“Five people live in my house, but every third of July I have at least 200 people at my house,” Pietrowski said.

According to Pietrowski, after the fireworks display and other necessities for the party are paid for, 10 percent of what’s left goes to the Warrior Salute of Rochester charity.

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