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Whiteboard Session: The Road from Individual Contributor to Leader

Think back. What was your first “real job?” Loosely speaking, mine was as a counselor for kids with behavioral disorders. I worked alone most o...

Whiteboard Session: The Power of Reframing

Good thinking is an essential task for a good leader. Great leaders have a special skill, they can reframe. Reframing is the art of looking at one ...

Staff Highlight: Venessa McFarlane

Venessa McFarlane has been with CDS Monarch for eight years, and now serves as a Treatment Coordinator. In this position Venessa is responsible for pr

Staff Highlight: Sarah Brasse

Sarah Brasse has been with CDS Monarch for seven years. She initially started out as a Creative Arts Therapist, then transitioned to Clinical Coordina

New Service for Seniors

Golden Wings is a program developed to assist seniors ages 55 and older who do not have a Developmental Disability. The program is designed to assist

Staff Highlight: Debbie Seffens

Debbie Seffens has been with CDS Monarch for the past 15 years, serving as a Medicaid Service Coordinator, and a Broker. In this position Debbie is

Staff Highlight: Sandy Cicotta

Sandy Cicotta has been with CDS Monarch for over 14 years, most recently making the transition from WCO to BCO as a Treatment Coordinator. In this pos

Staff Highlight: Evonne Pomerantz

Evonne Pomerantz came to CDS Monarch a little more than a year ago to take on the Recreation Coordinator position. Through recreation, Evonne provides

Special Olympics: Bocce

The Special Olympics Super Regional Bocce Tournament was held on Saturday, September 20th at the Tacaloma Club in Rome, New York. There were teams f

Staff Highlight: Amanda Sparrin

Amanda Sparrin joined the CDS Monarch team as a Support Specialist a little more than a year ago, and brought a great deal of compassion and experienc

Staff Highlight: Rebecca Stewart

Rebecca Stewart has been a part of the CDS Monarch team for the past 12 years, working as a Speech Language Pathologist. She started out at Perinton D

Special Olympics: Golf

The Special Olympics Regional Golf Skill Tournament was held on Sunday, August 24th at Salmon Creek Country Club in Spencerport. CDS Monarch had thr

Staff Highlight: Patricia Calhoun

Patricia Calhoun joined the CDS Monarch team in March 2013 as a Support Specialist at Linden Creative Opportunities (LCO). In November 2013 she transi

Staff Highlight: Alfred Norwood

Alfred "Alf" Norwood has been a Behavior Specialist at CDS Monarch for about six years. He currently works with individuals at Penbrooke Creative Oppo

The 27th Annual Teeing Off for Abilities Golf Event

The Wolf Foundation's 27th Annual "Teeing Off for Abilities" Golf Tournament was held on Monday, July 28th at Locust Hill Country Club in Pittsford, N