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BCO Artist Co-Op Rocking Chair Raffle

The BCO Artist Co-Op is raffling off a one of a kind, hand painted Rocking Chair. The antique rocking chair came to the Co-Op as an old but solidly bu

CDS Monarch at the Special Olympics Snowshoe Tournament

The Genesee Regional Special Olympic snowshoe tournament was held at Bristol Ski Resort on Saturday February 9th. CDS Monarch's snowshoeing team was c

Community Living

Community Living is a new initiative by CDS Monarch, designed to take service delivery to the next level for individuals and their families. While tra

Staff Highlight - Mike LiButti

Mike LiButti began at CDS Monarch in March 2010 as a Van Driver. In October 2012 he was promoted to Safety Coordinator for the agency. As part of CDS

Hidden Talent

One of CDS Monarch's transportation drivers has a hidden talent that Linden Creative Opportunities has been lucky enough to enjoy! Ken Polatas is a ve

People First Language

What is People First Language? People First Language are words or phrases that respectfully puts the person before the disability. A person with

Staff Highlight: Jennifer Vetter

Jennifer Vetter has been working at CDS Monarch as a Support Specialist for three years. She was a full-time staff who left to become CNA, yet continu