Heather started at Warrior Salute in September 2013 as a consultant. She brought with her 20 years of independent living skills for people with traumatic brain injury and, in November of 2014, became a full-time Independent Living Skills Trainer and Case Manager. Heather's tasks include functional assessments to determine areas in which Veterans may need assistance, such as medical management, financial management, household arrangements, among others. As a case manager, Heather finds community services Veterans in Warrior Salute can utilize to assist them with their transition back into the community.

"Heather has proven to be an invaluable asset to this program and our veterans," Warrior Salute Clinical Coordinator Johnathan Elliott said. "Each day she comes to work with a motivated and positive attitude and consistently brings passion and energy to our program. Heather’s ability to connect with our clients gives them a sense of safety and trust, which can be difficult to develop. She does this unbelievably well. We appreciate everything she does and feel blessed to have her as part of our Warrior Salute family.

"I love coming to work every day," Heather said. "I love my co-workers. The Veterans are great people." Heather said the Veterans are eager to learn and develop the skills they need to be successful in civilian life. "A lot of people view soldiers as strong people who should know this stuff." Heather said that, before the military, these Veterans often had things like home management and household arrangements handled by their parents, and when they enlisted a lot of those same tasks were handled by the military, so they never had the opportunity to manage these things themselves. Heather's position allows her to be able to help the Veterans learn these skills.

Heather said she doesn't have much in the way of advice to offer to staff. "The staff here make me want to be a better person. I try to be on my game so I don't disappoint the staff or Veterans. The work environment is amazing here."

In her free time, Heather likes to travel, go to concerts, go camping and hunting, and hang out with her four kids.

Heather concluded with her favorite quote: "The windshield in your car is larger than the rear-view mirror because what's in front of you is more important than what's behind you."

Thank you, Heather, for your hard work and dedication!

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"Staff Highlight: Heather Hartford"

Jean V. commented on Dec 9, 2015 at 11:17 am

So proud of my daughter Heather. She loves working with the Veterans. I never seen her so excited about anything like this before. She keeps telling me how much she loves this job.Continue doing a great job that your doing.Love you Much.

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